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Past & Present Aviators

John Gordon

Age 27 (+26 years experience)

Chief Flying Instructor & Owner FlyCQ

30 flying years since getting my pilot's licence and 34 years since my first flight and it's still an intense passion which I like to share i.e. share the passion!!


John started training for his General Aviation (GA) pilot’s licence when he was a young adult and has 30 years flying experience behind him, he’s more than happy to pass on his experience to those new to flying.  John started his flying business to allow him to follow his dream of turning his hobby into his paid work (not that he considers it work!).  FlyCQ enables John to foster a passion for flying in others through a safe and relaxed learning environment.  John is more than happy to share his experience and passion for flying with you today!



Age 28

4 flights with FlyCQ so far

"Love it"

"Great fun!"



Age 25

10 hours with FlyCQ so far

"Addictive and want to perfect flying"

"It's awesome, friendly instructors who help make it stress free!"








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