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About FlyCQ


FlyCQ was first established at the Emerald Airport in 2006 trading as Freeflying Emerald.  2009 saw a change of name to FlyCQ to reflect the growing area to which we offer our flying services.  FlyCQ is based at Emerald Airport however we conduct flight training and Trial Introductory Flights (TIF) across Central Queensland.


Why learn to fly?

Flying is one of the most thrilling and enjoyable experiences a person can have.  It offers you a freedom seldom experienced whilst keeping your feet on the ground.  Recreational flying can offer you a fun hobby, a chance to chase childhood dreams or an affordable start to an aviation career.  If you ever thought learning to fly was too difficult, too expensive or too time consuming, you need to check out FlyCQ.


Trial Introductory Flights (TIFs)

A trial introductory flight is a fantastic way to get to fly a plane without the obligation to commit to flying.  TIFs are a great way to the sample the sky, the sensation and the skills needed.  A TIF is different to and arguably better than a ‘joyflight’ which only allows you to be a passenger, a TIF can give you the opportunity to learn about the plane and safely take over the controls whilst under the watchful eye of the instructor.   If you have ever wanted to try flying, a TIF is the way to go. 


What is a Recreational Aircraft?

A recreational aircraft is a powered aircraft intended for use for recreational, educational or experimental purposes, which is registered with Recreational Aircraft Australia (RA-Aus). 

RA-Aus has the authority to administer recreational aircraft by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA).  Recreational Aircraft must be single engine only and can have one or two seats, a maximum take-off weight up to but no more than 600kg and stall speed of 45knots or less in the landing configuration.


Is Learning to Fly Difficult?

If you can drive a car you probably have the ability to learn to fly.  Learning to fly, like learning most things takes practice, dedication, enthusiasm and desire to learn.  Learning takes place in a safe, relaxing and fun environment and lessons are taught at a pace to suit your learning needs.


Are you new to flying?

First thing to do is to try it out, go for a TIF (Trial Introductory Flight).  You will need to become a temporary member of RAAus (Recreational Aviation of Australia Inc).  This gives you temporary membership that allows you to do up to 3 hours flying training over a 1 month period.  You then need to become a paid member of RAAus to continue with the flying training.  The cost of a TIF flight with us is currently $220/hour.  A microphone muff and ear sox set (valued at $11) is included in the first hour and is yours to keep and reuse during your flying training.  The TIF is also regarded as training to can be counted towards your pilot certificate.  We also ask that you read and sign an indemnity/waiver form prior to doing any flying with us (as you would with hiring a car).


Decided you want to learn to fly with FlyCQ?

Once you have completed your TIF and decided you want to learn to fly with FlyCQ you will need to do the following to earn your Pilots Licence:

- Apply for a VIC (Visitor Identification Card) and an ASIC (Australian Security Information Card).

- Bring a USB/memory stick or purchase one to collect start information and forms.

- Register with RAAus as a Student Pilot which includes paying an annual fee.

- Tell your Instructor of any health conditions which may affect your ability to function in any given flying situation.

- Read and sign an indemnity form.

- Buy a Flight Training Kit which includes virtually everything you need to successfully complete your initial theory training and assist with associated written exams.

- We recommend you visit the RAAus website also to investigate information and training material that would be helpful in learning to fly.

- Complete a minimum of 20 hours instructional training including 5 hours solo under supervision as well as pass written exams

- Within training to pilot certificate level, aircraft as presently utilised at our school, the following endorsements are attained as a matter of course:

                  Endorsement Training for:

                  * High performance

                  * Radio operators

                  * Nose wheel

                  * Tail wheel

                  * 2Stroke engine

                  * Low performance

                  * Passenger carrying  (after at least 10 hours solo flying as well as check & briefing)


Already an aviator?

If you're already flying and have a pilots certificate, regardless of your aviation background, we can assist you with the following:

                  * Any of the endorsements stated above

                  * Recreational Aircraft endorsement

                  * Cross country endorsement

                  * Solo wet hire

                  *If you have particular aviation needs please ask.


Our planes:


Fly Synthesis Texan

Foxbat Aeropakt - 22




Lessons in Good Airmanship

We ask the following of our students and aviators:

- Please be at the airport at least 15 minutes prior to your lesson and 30 minutes prior if you have made a booking for aircraft hire.

- Wear comfortable clothing, a cap and sunglasses are recommended especially when sunny.

- We an accurate large face wrist watch that you know how to set.

- No thongs, high heels, loose fitting shoes or sandals without back straps.  Joggers or soft sole shoes are best as you need to be able to feel the rudder pedals.

- Please don't wear excessively dirty work boots or clothes.

- Long hair needs to be tied back and no excessive jewellery.

- Have your flights plans and pre-flights done early, as this will not inconvenience other people who have booked in after you.

- It is recommended you take your mobile phone but ringer volume needs to be turned down or switched to silent, please don't use/answer the phone in the aircraft.


                                                                                                Information correct as of 3rd June 2014

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