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Welcome to FlyCQ

The FlyCQ Mission Statement:

Constant Learning: A Good Pilot Is Always Learning

To provide professional, interesting and exciting flight training to anyone from anywhere in the world.

We will coach and promote the sport of flying and will be ambassadors to our sport.

Conduct a safe, professional and ethical business which will supply only the best aircraft, products and training to new pilots as well as existing ones.

We will always strive to provide accurate and interesting information that will help improve the flying skills and airmanship of all people regardless of their aviation background.

We will always be striving to improve in whatever we do.


FlyCQ is a small and friendly company located in Central Queensland, we enjoy teaching people how to defy gravity, fly like a bird, commit aviation; learn to fly.  Flying is a passion we love to share.

Please read through all the information on our website, call us, book a time, ask questions and most of all be ready to have an enjoyable learning time; remember this is recreational aviation: it is supposed to be fun!

We look forward to sharing the passion of flying with you.


John Gordon

Chief Flying Instructor (CFI) & FlyCQ Owner



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